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Does the Stage Hypnotist really control his volunteers?
No, he is simply "influencing" them - because they permitted him to do so. Every suggestion complied with tends to reinforce the impact of subsequent suggestions.

Are they really "volunteers"?
Yes, because they always had the choice of disregarding, or saying no to, his suggestions.

Did the hypnotist make them come up on stage?
No, he suggested - possibly in a very authoritarian manner. And maybe they had to come up on stage if their hands were locked together as a result of a suggestibility exercise.

Will they do anything the hypnotist tells them to do?
Yes, he will soon have their bank account numbers and be number one beneficiary in their wills! Real Answer. Of course not!

Can they resist his hypnotic power?
Again, of course they can. If they want to. But most who particpate in a Hypnotism show are expecting to be hypnotised and that expectation tends to result in the effectiveness of the Hypnotism.