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"Ian Deer's hypnotic genius should not be understated – Ian appeared at my engagement party January 2012 at the Reebok stadium Bolton he had the crowd mesmerized and in fits of laughter.You will not appreciate how entertaining this show is until you have actually experienced it. We never knew how many great performers we had amongst our family and friends .It is fast paced, funny and offers a great insight into the mystery that is hypnosis. I only wished I had got up and stage and was hypnotized myself."
Amir Khan Boxer Reebok Stadium Bolton January 29th "2012

I can thoroughly recommend Ian Dee as entertainment at your next event. Everyone involved is highly professional, and the event itself is hilarious! It is truly a memorable experience and everyone is still laughing about it. We can't wait until the next time we can have Ian join one of our events .Ian Dee is great! my guests really enjoyed his engaging and professional show. Great value for money! Would certainly recommend him!"
Kieron Richardson Actor Hollyoaks

Over the years we have tried to give the boys of the 40 Battalion a great Christmas Party in appreciation of their great efforts for the year. With our tour of Afghanistan this year we went all out to make it an event they would not forget. Your show as unbelievable – the boys loved it and we appreciate the efforts you made to travel all the way to Devon just to entertain the troops . You have made your mark with the lads and we will be looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Keep in touch and let me know what we can do to offer our appreciation of a great live show performance".
Kyp Bridger

Ian Dee performed at the social club function, it was a small crowd, no more than 40 people and I didn't expect many people to volunteer to go under. I'd been searching for a good hypnotist for a while and when I told other hypnotists my concern over the small group number and possible lack of participants they had no confidence in making a show of it and practically flat out refused to perform for us!

Ian was completely different. He was extremely confident that he could get people volunteering and even make the show hilarious with just 1 person hypnotised. On the night we ended up with 6 colleagues under hypnosis and it had the rest of us in tears from laughter! Ian knew we had to face each other at work the next day, so the things he made them do weren't too outrageous (who knew the quietest girls in our office could dance like Madonna!) but it was still hilarious. Everyone who attended has described it as the best function to date.

On behalf of the Donnington Sports and Social Club I would just like to say a huge thank you for a superb night! The feedback we have received has been overwhelming and the show you produced was sensational. From young to old generations everyone said how entertaining the show was and the way you communicated to the audience and members on stage was first class! The club would have no hesitation in booking you again next year! Thanks again for the night!"
Gareth Stevens Chairman

I have experienced Ian Dee's show on a number of occasions and it is one of the funniest things I have even seen and been involved in. It is a laugh a minute and a memorable experience. I highly recommend that everybody gives it a go, you will not be disappointed
Richard Manager Suncastle Skegness

WOW! What a great show, all stall enjoyed it so much that we are still talking (and laughing) about it a couple of days later. Everyone had a great time and it's not something that we will forget in a hurry, thankyou for a truly wonderful night we will definitely be booking again."
Adam Fuller Glywndr University Wrexham

"Hi Ian,
On behalf of the Hawksmill Football Club, thank you so much for a wonderful show last Saturday night at the Ground. General concensus is that it was the best football function we have had in a very long time. You were extremely entertaining as well as being fair to those who got up. Another common observation was that it was so great because you did not make total fools of the volunteers which is a very important thing. We would love to have you back next year if you are travelling through country Victoria and if you could let me know dates for next year we would be extremely keen to rebook you as soon as possible. There were quite a few who wished they`d got up on stage after the fact, and I think advertising your show will take care of itself next year because everyone wants to come back.
Lioyd McGrath Hawksmill FC Coventry

"Hi Ian ,
Just a quick email to say thank you so much for making our wedding the best wedding anyone has ever been to. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your show and I have had multiple requests for your details for upcoming weddings and occasions. Your show was unbelievable and I think it made a few sceptics actually believe. Best of all you made everyone in the room laugh and enjoy the wedding. You were truly unbelievable and definitely worth having at any event. Again, thank you for making our wedding the success it was.

Gary and Amanda Collins York.